Features & Benefits

  • Fully enclosed barrel assembly provides full-width support of the door curtain allowing even lifting along the full opening width, and providing maximum protection of the entire assembly during shipment.
  • Available in 22 pre-finished siliconized polyester paint finishes (see Color Chart). 20 year warranty against chalking and fading.
  • Sizes up to 10' (3048mm) x 10' (3048mm). Refer to Model 536 for larger sizes.
  • Two people can install in less than 5 minutes.
  • Curtain manufactured from 26 gauge corrugated hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • Factory installed polypropylene edge wear strips prevent steel-to-steel contact between the door curtain and guide resulting in a quieter, smoother operation.
  • Spring is fully contained providing a safe installation environment and ultimate operation.
  • Springs are engineered to provide optimal balance and have been tested in excess of 100,000 cycles.
  • Pre-stretched springs provide ultimate balance for easy operation of the door and an easier installation.
  • Tension Device: Solid cast cog recessed inside the door bracket providing maximum protection during adjustment. Installed on door at the factory ensuring proper location and permanent attachment.
  • One-year warranty against mechanical defects and workmanship.
Installation Requirements
Door Height Minimum
Up to 7' 3.500" 15"
7'1" to 8' 3.500" 16.5"
8'1" to 9' 3.500" 18"
9'1" to 10' 3.500" 18"

502 Roll-Up Door

The model 502 is the "roll model" in the self-storage industry.

Features of the Model 502 include a 20 year warranty against chalking and fading, a 9 ½” fully enclosed barrel assembly making it ideal for low headroom applications and a universal guide system suitable for any jamb type. Can be installed by two people in 5 minutes.

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